• The nursery will operate on a strictly first come first served basis, no child will be registered without paying the £50.00 registration fee. Fee’s are to be paid monthly in advance from the child’s start date. If a new child is claiming free early education hours only then the registration fee is not applicable.
  • Pupil numbers will be strictly regulated so that the maximum legally permitted number is not exceeded.
  • Prior to the child’s attendance the parents/carers must complete and sign the contract or registration form and all about me forms. This provides the nursery with the following vital information:
    • Name, address and date of birth of each child.
    • Starting date and number and times of each session per week required.
    • Name, telephone numbers of parents/carers.
    • Emergency contact details.
    • Special dietary and allergy requirements.
    • Name and address of doctor and health visitor.
    • Parental consent for application sun cream and admission of medication
    • Illness and immunisation details.
    • Parental consent for any emergency procedures and outings.
    • Any special requirements to enable the child to settle in quicker, I.e. sleeps, comforters, likes and dislikes etc.
    • Daily routines also will be asked for all children prior to starting at the nursery.
    • Parents to complete form to inform staff of child’s starting points.
    • Permission for photographs of children to be taken and used within the setting and for advertising purposes.
    • The child’s birth certificate must be seen by the manger.
    • Permission for the child to appear on the nursery website.

All nursery policies are displayed in the meeting room, and parents may request a copy of any policy if required.