Safe sleep policy

First Steps Nursery operates a Safe Sleep Policy that specifies “back to sleep” position. Our policy requires that the key person or manager discuss the Safe Sleep Policy with a child’s parent or guardian before admission. Parents must sign a statement that they received a copy of the policy and that the policy has been discussed with them. All key persons working in our nursery are required to receive induction training on the Safe Sleep Policy.

When introducing or sharing the policy with our parents the following will be discussed:

  • Ask about the baby’s sleep position at home
  • Explain the nursery “back to sleep” policy that is implemented to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).
  • Tell the Parents that “Back to Sleep” is recommended by the Foundation Of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (FSIDS).
  • Inform the parents that even though most babies will be fine, there is a higher risk of SIDS when an infant is placed to sleep on their stomach or side.
  • Some babies have medical conditions that require stomach sleeping .If the parent insists that their baby be placed on his /her stomach or side to sleep, they will be asked to provide a note from the baby’s doctor that specifies the sleeping position ;this note will be placed within the baby area or sleep room.
  • If parents have further questions about SIDS and infant sleeping positions, they will be given the phone number for the FSIDS and the national Back to Sleep campaign.
  • Review of the baby sleep policy.

Safe sleep policy

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome  (SIDS)is the unexpected death of a seemingly healthy baby for whom no cause of death can be determined based on an autopsy, an investigation of the place where the baby died and a review of the baby’s medical history.

In the belief that proactive steps can be taken to lower the risk of SIDS in child care settings and that parents and child care professionals can work together to keep babies safer while they sleep. First Steps Nursery will practice the  following sleep policy:

  • All key persons will receive training on our Safe Sleep Policy and SIDS risk reduction.
  • Babies will always be placed on their backs to sleep unless there is a signed sleep position medical waiver on file. A copy will be given to the keyperson.
  • FSIDS recommends that babies are placed on their backs to sleep, but when babies can easily turn over from the back to stomach ,they can be allowed to adopt whatever position they preference when the baby turns onto his/her side or stomach.
  • FSIDS recommends that using a dummy at the start of any sleep period reduces the risk of cot death. If a dummy forms part of your child’s sleep routine, it will always be used at sleep times. FSID recommends that the dummy should be stopped when the baby is between 6 and 12 months old. (The key person will work with parents to phase out dummies sensitively, taking into account children’s emotional needs.)
  • Visual supervision is required at all times. At least every 15 minutes the key person will visually check on the child; looking for the rise and fall of the chest and if the sleep position has changed. We will be especially alert to monitoring a sleeping baby during the first weeks the baby is in our care.
  • Steps will be taken to keep babies from becoming too warm or over heating by regulating the room temperature, avoiding excess bedding and not overdressing or over-wrapping the baby; room temperature will be kept between 16-20 degrees.
  • All babies must sleep in a cot or an approved bed/mattress. Babies may not sleep in a nesting ring ,car seat ,bouncy chair etc.
  • Babies heads will not be covered with blankets or bedding; babies cots will not be covered with bedding.
  • Loose bedding, pillows, bumper pads etc, will not be used in cots.
  • Awake babies will be given supervised “tummy time”.
  • Toys and stuffed animals will not be allowed in the child’s cot.
  • A safety approved cot with a firm fitting mattress and tight fitting sheet will be used.
  • No smoking is permitted on the premises and key persons who smoke will ensure that their clothes and breathe do not smell of smoke when caring for caring for babies or any other children within the nursery.
  • All parents of babies cared for in this nursery will receive a written copy of our safe sleep policy before admission.